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The Gendarmestien military road (74 km)

passes through some of the most beautiful stretches of land in Denmark and is a unique place to hike. After the Reunification in 1920, the border and shipping routes were controlled by the border gendarmes. Patrolling was done by foot along the coast, and each gendarme had a particular area under his jurisdiction. European Quality Leading Trail. The path begins in Høruphav on South Als and goes via Sønderskoven (Forest) and Sønderborg to the mainland, past Dybbøl, Vemmingbund, Broagerland, Gråsten, Rinkenæs and Kollund to the German border. Most of the path follows the coastline and leads through a changing landscape of forests, marshes and fields.

The Brickworks Path 

(3 km) goes along the water, where the remains of eight old brick factories can be seen. The parking area by Cathrinesminde Brickworks Museum is a good starting point for your hike. 

The trail at Stensigmose 

(3.5 km) starts at Broager Strand Camping and leads along the top of the bluff, where there is a lovely view across to Vemmingbund and Dybbøl Banke. Here is a beach further along the track and along Stensigmose Bluff, which is known for its fossils. 

On Dybbøl Banke 

a network of paths will lead you through a beautiful area around the historic entrenchments from the war of 1864. 

The Alssund Path 

(9.1 km) begins at Alsion in Sønderborg. The path goes along the western bank of Alssund through the hilly moraine terrain at Sundeved. The path is the first part of the new path that will go through Sønderborg to Blåkrog, where it will connect to the existing system of paths in Aabenraa Municipality. 

The Nydam Path 

(7 km) starts at Sottrup Storskov (forest). You can follow a route along the water, leading past the place where Prussian soldiers embarked in rowboats to capture Als in 1864, and past Sandbjerg Manor, which the Prussians used as a headquarters during the war. Continue past Denmark’s famous bog, Nydam Mose, where three boats dating from around 310 AD were excavated in 1863. One of the boats, the Nydambåden, is exhibited at Gottorp Castle, Schleswig. 


There is a well marked hiking route of about 6 km in The Gråsten Forests, or you can plan your own route. 

The Gråsten Path 

(9 km) begins at the parking area opposite of Gråsten Castle and goes along the water through the Deer Park with its many card sculptures, and across the town square at the castle lake. 

Fiskbæk Trail

lies between Adsbøl and Gråsten. There are two routes, and both start at Gråsten Agricultural School. The yellow route is the longest one – around 4 kilometers - and leads you past Fiskbæk Manor to Roden Forest, where foxes and deer can often be seen. There is a vantage point with an outstanding view of Nybøl Cove. 

The Nybøl Path

(4.6 km) leads through Nybøl to Denmark’s smallest and most amusing forest – the Nørreskoven forest. This forest has many funny, wooden figures and, among other things, a barbecue hut. The path then continues to Nybøl Cove. 


(5.1 km) leads you through Sønderborg town. If you would like to avoid stairs, there is an alternative route of 5.4 km. 


(4 km) hiking route brings you around the lovely area between Alssund and Augustenborg Fjord and through Arnkil Fredskov. 


forest has many hiking options. On warm evenings in May and June you can hear the small, green leaf frogs croaking in the ponds. 

The Gendarmstien military road,Vibæk-Skovby

(5 km) begins at the historic Vibæk Mills and then continues along the water’s edge past Kobbertoft to Skovby. 

The Kegnæs path

comprises three routes of 6, 7 and 10 km, which you can also combine into one walk. Rich bird life and beautiful nature await you on the peninsula. 

The Tandslet Trail

(4.5 km) lies approx. one km north of Tandslet village and goes through Tandsholm forest along paths, past hedgerows and woods to a vantage point with a view of the South Als landscape to the fjord and Germany. 

The Augustenborg path

(7 km) leads through the sculpture park and Art Center Augustiana in the palace garden, along Lillehav (the ‘Little Sea’) with its many birds. Continue along Krumom via the old road to Bro, go under the dual carriageway and across the golf course along the beautiful Mjang Dam. 


(forest) offers 3 marked routes of two kilometers each and countless options if you would like to plan your own hike through the woods. 

The Stevning Cove path

(5.5 km) is quite varied with stretches through fascinating coppice forests, past fields and on the beach at the water’s edge 

The path at Havnbjerg Church

(2.8 km). Park by the church. The hike is varied, with both nature areas, cultural-historical places and a wonderful view from one of Als’ highest hills, 49 metres above the sea. 

The hike around Nordborg Lake

(6 km) follows the water’s edge some of the way and continues over a hilltop with a lovely view across the lake, the hilly landscape and Little Belt. There are many opportunities for bird-watching and enjoying the beautiful surroundings along the path. 


(2 km) takes you around the Gammel Dam lake. Even though a residential area surrounds the lake, a rich birdlife remains. 


(4.5 km) is a reinstated lake at Dyvig in the northern part of Als. It was re-established in 1993 and has since become an Eldorado for birds. Everyone can enjoy the lake and its surroundings from the vantage point on Færgevej. 

Mjels Lake

(4 km) has been dried out and cultivated, but was re-established in 2006, and there is already a rich birdlife. 

The Als Path

(64 km) is the latest initiative for nature lovers and leads from Hardeshøj in the north, across the island via the Nørreskoven forest to Fynshav and along the east coast to Mommark and Drejet in the south. You will see some of the most beautiful areas in the region if you choose this path.

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