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Angling holiday

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Jutland and the island of Als give you as anglers many opportunities. Beaches, boats and fishing lakes are only a few of the many places for fishing in the area. We have the perfect weather for catching fish. Not too hot, not too much sun, moderate wind and the fish are biting on. We are within walking distance of Augustenborg Fjord where you can find herring, garfish, trout and flatfish.

The coast around Als and Sundeved

The coast around Als and Sundeved offers some of the best fishing spots, especially for trout and cod. 

On the map below you will find 11 of the best places, where there is room for more than one angler at a time. We are privileged that one can fish anywhere where there is a possibility to get to the water.

11 great fishing spots on the island of Als, among many others.

A little about the individual sites: 

Kegnæs End 

To the left from the parking area along the embankment there is sandbank where one can fish off a rocky bottom. On the right side there are a few large rocks that provide good hiding places for fish. Night fishing of cod is very good here. 

Old Pøl

This is probably the place on the island of Als with the most trout. The reef fish can be caught well throughout the year. To the right the seabed is covered with seaweed and large rocks. The place is generally very good for fishing, many prefer the wind from the south-west. Further to the right comes a bay with groynes. Sunshine and weak north wind often lure the fish right up to the water's edge. 

Voigt Beach

offers good fishing on both sides, with a good shelter and so one can fish even under less favourable conditions. Be careful on the sand bars as the wades are deep and have many holes. It is a great place in the spring. 

Taksensand fyr

The area is located in Nørreskoven. You park at the lighthouse at low tide and can reach out to a sandbar that extends far to either side. From the area you can fish across seaweed and stonebelts. As everywhere else on the East Coast, the fishing spot works well in western/southwesterly wind.


A nice place to fish that is sheltered from the forest, and even in strong south-westerly wind, the sea is calm. Deep water close to the shore and the seabed is made up of seaweed and rocks. The further you go to the left, the more big rocks will you encounter. Here you can fish all year round, but beware the half year preservation.

Havnbjerg beach.

Good long distance fishing. At shallow water levels, one can reach a sandbank extending to both sides. It is always possible to get out on the sandbar, except for at extremely high tides.  


Park on the big parking lot. The best fishing is done right and continue north towards Hellesø. The entire stretch is good for fishing, take your time in between the bigger and smaller rocks. The entire stretch to the left is a large mussel bank with deep water close inshore. This stretch is especially good in the summer. 

Stevning Headlands

One of the most visited places on the island of Als. Many sea trouts and cods here. The first stretch of water is low, but around the point - from the high cliffs, the water gets very deep. It's best to fish here in the spring and autumn. This spot might be very crowded during easternly wind.  

Dybboel Beach

A fine stretch starting at the parking area just across from the castle. You can fish all the way to Vemmingbund. Usually a good place in the spring and with light westernly wind.  


Park under the bridge and fish to the right. You can fish all the way up through Alssund. A lovely place to fish, especially in light easterly winds. You can often catch steelheads on this stretch.

Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup has the quality mark  -  Angler Accommodation. 

In Denmark, we will offer our angling guests the best service and quality. Therefore, the Danish tourism-center developed a quality ranking system for guests on fishing holiday, where accommodations can be given a quality mark if they meet a number of specific minimum requirements. 

Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup is quality approved to be a fishing accommodation. You can get bright rooms with comfortable beds, delicious breakfast buffet and even a packed lunch as well as buying coffee for your fishing trip.

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