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Scool Camp

Universe, History Centre Dybbøl, Sønderborg Castle, the National Park Wadden Sea, Schleswig Cathedral, Gottorp Castle, Dannevirkeis "Highlight" camp items when staying at Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup
Universe: Danfoss’ basic concepts from their production, such as Hot-cold movement - all integrated in a large playground with natural techniques. The main attraction of Danfoss Universe is the blue cube that Danfoss purchased from Iceland after the Expo 2000 in Hannover. The 20 meter tall building design symbolizes several natural elements, spanning from geysers to volcanoes and thunderstorms. In the middle of this unique atmosphere in the blue cube is a geyser, capable of shooting an 18 meter tall beam of waterIn Danfoss Universe you can experience the collision between human inventions and natural forces – certainly a place worth visiting during your stay in Sønderborg. Experience both the Blue Cube, 5D movies and get to ride a Segway in this knowledge and activity park.

Historic Centre Dybbøl: 

Experience the harsh environment of war-time Denmark in the 19th century. 
Get close to this tragic event that lead to the annexation of Schleswig, as well as an occupation of large amounts of land in Denmark. When you are camping in Sønderborg you have a unique opportunity to submerge into the interesting local history that shaped this area.


ince the 1200s, the Sønderborg Castle has been an impregnable fortress, guarding both Als and Alssund. Today the castle opens its doors to visitors from around the world who can experience the dark cellars, the well-preserved chapel and the mighty banqueting hall, as well as the castle's museum for Southern history and culture. 

Wadden Sea National Park: 

Consecrated October 16, 2010 
• Area: 145,900 ha (1,459 km2) 
• Land Area: 30,000 hectares (300 km2) 
• There are four municipalities in the National Park 
• About 97% of the area is designated as a Natura 2000 site 
• Twice daily moving tides 1 billion. cubic meters of water 
• 10-12 million resting birds passing Wadden Sea every year 
Tonnes yard, walk in the Wadden Sea 
Remember to book a trip to Wadden Sea national park during your stay in Danhostel Sønderborg-Vollerup.

Schleswig, Gottorp Castle, Dannevirke: 

Schleswig goes back as far as 1920, when Schleswig was divided and the northern half voted for Denmark, and therefore had a special place in the Danish consciousness and hearts. Gottorp Castle was built in around 1700 in the inner cove of the Schlei. Today Gottorp Castle serves as a museum with large collections from all around Schleswig. The castle’s chapel is still used for worship by the Danish church. In the museum’s side wing the famous Nydam boat is located. After a visit of the castle it is possible to visit the center of Schleswig and the beautiful cathedral. 

Viking Museum Hedeby

Hedeby was Denmark's oldest town. In the Viking Age (ca. 800-ca. 1050) it was the largest town with population of several thousand inhabitants. The southern border of the Danish kingdom ran through Eider, not far south of Hedeby. In the Viking Museum Hedeby tells the story of the old city through different texts and artifacts, such as models of houses, ships and costumes. In this period most of the rune stones in the area erected. In one of the halls of the museum the finds are collected and a large ship is being rebuilt.

Close to Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup: 

Vollerup Solpark and Viking house, new 4 km long mountain biking trails, Sønderborg Equestrian Center, forestry and Augustenburg Fjord. Link to map 

Transportation in connection with Your school camps:

You arrive at the station located in Jutland. Walk across the bridge to the center and take bus no. 225, which stops right at our doorstep. 

We recommend Dybbøl Turistfart 74 48 69 10 for your trips.
You can rent bikes at our neighbor: Vollerup 2Hjulcenter: 74 42 86 71 (60 15 83 23) 

School camp catering

We have a camp package consisting of: hot dinner (always with salad or vegetables), breakfast buffet and even packed lunches. Children can bring a bottle (025 cl) and take juice or water for the trip. On the day of departure one can get a self-prepared lunch pack.    You can buy drinks all day long from our vending machine. 

Activities for summer camp students at Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup: 

Exercise should be fun, which is why we have a 5-acre gated community with mini-petanque, trampolines, mobilus, pitches for outdoor football, basketball, outdoor table tennis, chess area, and a cable car.       On top of that we have a table tennis hall with 2 table tennis tables and air hockey.

We also offer team building with an external supervisor. 


Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup recognizes the importance of well-being in everyday life, and camp majorly contributes to everyone getting to know each other.

Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup believes exercise contributes to quality of life and should be done in a fun way..... 
                                                                          Therefore we offer a variety of play equipment, trampolines, mini golf, bocce, climbing wall. 

Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup believes in healthy live
                                                                            Therefore we offer delicious food with vegetables and salad

Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup thinks of climate and energy.........
                                                                              Therefore we use solar power, heat pump.

Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup – place for students to have fun and the teachers have no stress.
Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup – place where upon departure you are booking next year's summer camp.


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