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danhostel sonderborg vollerup

Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup is Denmark's oldest hostel,

still alive and active, even thoush it has changed through time.

The main building was built as an inn yard (Petersen gjestgivergaard) in 1850 and survived the bombing of Sønderborg in 1864. That is why there were two train stations in Vollerup, one in the Nordborg direction and one to Mommark direction. 

In 1928 the house was remodeled and decorated to Als Household School. At the same time backpackers appeared. Therefore 2 bedrooms were quickly equipped with seaweed mattresses and two bathrooms with cold running water under the roof of the household school. In order to glorify this, the rooms were named The Seventh Heaven and bathrooms Heaven's Forecourt. 

In the winter time the building served as a school and in the summer it turned into a place for backpackers

In 1935, the first house, Abildgaarden was built.

A team of English students rode a bicycle from Esbjerg ferry and built for 5 weeks under the guidance of an experienced carpenter. After 5 weeks they returned to Esbjerg by bicycles. 

In 1935 one night cost 35 Øre pr Person.

Quiet time was set from 23 pm to 7 am, as it was belived it was good for body and soul. 

Next house came in 1947, when it was taken down in internment camp Frøslevlejren and rebuilt at the hostel.

In the beginning it was not possible to arrive by car, only by public transport, bicycle or on foot.
Household School stopped in 1971 - after 1973 the buildings only served as a hostel. 

Many students have been at the hostel on a school trip, as there was no prestige in staying at hostels in the 1970s, the families would say there spent their holidays in Southrn Denmark but would not have mentioned the hostel.

That changed throughout the 1980s, when many families with children started to come. In 1981 the first rooms with private bathroom facilities were built in Vollerup Hostel.

In 1995 Solgaarden

was built with 10 rooms suitable for disabled people, with solar panels and Genvex.

In 2002 10 cottages were built. 

Today Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup is a 4-star hostel. Our guests are mainly families with children and school groups. 

In the main building you can still see pictures and things from old times. Especially foreigners enjoy looking at this private collction. 

Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup has always been privately owned.

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Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup - Mommarkvej 22, 6400 Sønderborg

Phone:(+45) 74 42 39 90 Open between 9am and 7pm
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