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Get an extended knowledge of the individual student and their relationships with colleagues. 

Social Inclusion - the development of social skills 

Conflict management - for a better learning environment 

The entire process takes place in our garden or in the woods next door. 

Abseiling - climbing - bow shooting, etc. 


Here at Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup, we work with people at the company because we believe that they are the most important asset. 

We believe that the ability to attract the right people - and develop their skills in line with the company's plans, conditions and needs - is the main factor of competition. 

The company's most important asset 

The big headline in Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup. Team building skills for the managers and staff. We're not talking about specific professional skills. The focal point for us is the informal, human, social and cooperative skills. These are the ones we need to optimize, so that your company would be even stronger.

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Danhostel Sønderborg Vollerup - Mommarkvej 22, 6400 Sønderborg

Phone:(+45) 74 42 39 90 Open between 9am and 7pm
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